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Adult ADHD Assessment

ADHD: Image


  • Initial Consultation: free of charge

  • $250 for 60 minutes 


What to Expect

Initial Interview - 60 minutes

This is an initial interview to collect information about your symptoms, your background, health, academic and social history. 

Structured Interview - 90 minutes

This is a detailed interview focused on better understanding your symptoms and how they affect your life. 


You will be asked to complete self-report, and collateral-report questionnaires. Collateral-report is collected from people who know you well now, as well as those who knew you growing up. 


During this appointment, I will go over the results from all the testing completed, and recommendations that will help you better manage your symptoms and achieve your goals.

Insurance Reimbursement

I am out-of-network for commercial health insurance plans and provide a Superbill that can be submitted for reimbursement. Most insurance plans with out-of-network coverage reimburse 60-100% of psychological assessment fees. 

To make claims submissions easier, this practice is registered with with Reimbursify.

Your first five claims are free. File your claims.

Please verify your out-of-network coverage 

To do so, contact your insurance carrier (e.g., Aetna, Anthem, etc.) and ask:

a) what psychological assessment do they cover out-of-network 

b) what is the rate of reimbursement

c) what is your deductible 

No Surprises Act

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