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Pelvic Pain

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Sexual and Pelvic Pain  

Your pain is not in your head!  It is real and it is treatable. 

I specialize in the treatment of sexual pain and pelvic pain, including:

  • Dyspareunia - pain during or after sex

  • Vaginismus - inability to have penetrative sex, pain with attempted vaginal penetration

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - pain and sexual difficulties associated with a tight or loose pelvic floor  

  • Abdominal pain & bowel pain

  • Vulvodynia - intermittent or constant vulvar pain

  • Pain associated with vaginal atrophy

  • Pain associated with ovarian cysts

  • Endometriosis

  • Rectal pain

  • Bladder pain & Interstitial Cystitis 

Behavioral Treatment for Sexual Pain and Pelvic Pain

Sexual and pelvic pain affects your body, your emotions, and your relationships. Therefore, the best way to heal sexual pain and other types of pelvic pain is with a whole-person, comprehensive approach that addresses your physical, psychological, and social parts.  


If you have been searching for answers, support and relief, I'm here to help. 

Want to learn more about healing pelvic pain? Get on the Waitlist for my Healing Pelvic Pain Online Course.

Topics addressed in treatment:

  • Education about pelvic pain

  • Developing comfort with your body and sexuality

  • Working towards pain relief using behavioral methods

  • Guidance on working with other health providers to get the care you need

  • Communication with romantic partners, potential partners, friends, family, and others

  • Addressing stress and anxiety associated with sexual and pelvic pain

  • Addressing mood issues associated with pelvic pain

  • Partner education and couples therapy

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