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Sexual and Pelvic Pain  

Your pain is not in your head!  If you have been searching for answers, support and relief, you're in the right place

I specialize in the treatment of sexual pain and pelvic pain conditions, including:

  • Dyspareunia - pain during or after sex

  • Vaginismus - inability to have penetrative sex, pain with attempted vaginal penetration

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - pain and sexual difficulties associated with a tight or loose pelvic floor  

  • Abdominal pain & bowel pain - IBS

  • Vulvodynia - intermittent or constant vulvar pain

  • Pain associated with vaginal atrophy

  • Pain associated with ovarian cysts

  • Pain associated with Endometriosis

  • Rectal pain

  • Bladder pain & Interstitial Cystitis 

What is pelvic pain psychology?

Pelvic Pain Psychology is an evidence-based therapy approach that combines key information and methods from pelvic medicine, pain psychology, and sex therapy.   

What does pelvic pain psychology treatment look like?

  • Education about pelvic pain

  • Developing comfort with your body and sexuality

  • Pain relief using cognitive-behavioral methods

  • Guidance on working with other health providers to get the care you need

  • Communication with romantic partners, potential partners, friends, family, and others

  • Addressing stress and anxiety associated with sexual and pelvic pain

  • Addressing mood issues associated with pelvic pain

  • Partner education and couple/relationship therapy

Not ready for therapy?

Live outside of California?

Start with a self-paced online course full of practical information that I teach my patients every day.

Enroll in the Healing Pelvic Pain Course.

You can also begin with a free Healing Pelvic Pain guide by clicking here.

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