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Therapy for Stress and Anxiety 

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You might notice that you worry a lot and it has become difficult to enjoy things. You might be feeling an uncomfortable, agitated sensation in your body making it hard to relax. You might also be tired or struggle to sleep and get the rest you need.


Anxiety can feel overwhelming, making it hard to know where to focus, a constant feeling of dread. Wouldn't it be nice to sit on a deserted island for a little while, away from problems and responsibilities? Probably. Therapy is the next best thing.   

Anxiety treatment includes:

  • Understanding how anxiety feels and how it affects you personally

  • Understanding your life context form a bio-psycho-social perspective

  • Building and leveraging your areas of strength

  • Expanding your coping skills toolbox

  • Solving specific problems 

  • Building a foundation for sustained positive change

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