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We are partners in helping you achieve your goals. I offer solid clinical experience, however only you have lived your unique life. Each person is an expert in themselves and our work together will help your inner wisdom bloom.


Respect in a therapeutic relationship means sensitivity to where you've been, where you are now and where you hope to be. It means abiding by your boundaries and being real with you. I am accepting of all patients and strive for Bloom Psychology to be a safe space for all individuals, couples and families. 


What I do as a psychologist is firmly grounded in research. The good news is, psychologists actually do most of the research to learn what methods work best for which problems. I have done this work myself, so I know the "active ingredients" and how best to use them to help you. My job is to learn about you and tailor any evidence-based techniques to you and your needs. 


In my approach, I automatically consider the biological, psychological, and socio-environmental factors that affect your quality of life. Biological factors might include physical health, heredity & neurochemistry. Psychological factors include things like mood, thoughts and behavior, and socio-environmental factors include community, family, and support systems. All of these things matter and in therapy, we attend to the things that matter.

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