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Less suffering, more meaning and joy

If you have been struggling, starting therapy is a wonderful, courageous step forward.


It is almost never too soon to get the support you need. Your emotional health is very important because it affects every part of your life. Your whole health, your whole self is what psychotherapy is all about.


You are the most qualified person to be you, my job is to guide and support you in this important role. 


I provide supportive, engaging therapy with your needs and goals front and center. Your mind is your most powerful resource. I can help you learn to use it to lessen your suffering, heal your pain, and create a foundation for profound personal growth. 


With help, you can truly bloom.

Therapy for Moms, Dads  and Families

Perinatal (prenatal & postpartum) mental health is vital to help you meet the challenges of parenthood as your best self.

Therapy for Reproductive Health

If your journey to becoming a parent has been full of challenges, you deserve  knowledgeable help and support. 

Therapy for Sexual Pain and Pelvic Pain

Has pain taken control of your life? As many as 1 in 5 women live with sexual or pelvic pain and few get the help they need. 

Therapy for Aging-related Issues 

Interested in aging well?  Feeling overwhelmed caring for yourself or someone else in your life? Let's talk about solutions. 

Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. From the inside, it can feel like these thoughts and emotions are you. They're not.

Couples and Family Therapy

You relationships are deeply meaningful, and far from easy.

We love and we struggle with one another - I'm here to help you love deeply and struggle meaningfully.

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I'm so glad you're here

Hello! My name is Dr. Anna Yam. I'm a clinical psychologist, mom, postpartum depression survivor, women's health champion, and entrepreneur.  

We carry the world on our shoulders, and the pressure to be highly functional and "perfect" can become overwhelming. It can hurt, emotionally and physically. 


I'm here to provide the support and tools for you to bloom in the roles that are important to you.    

Start with a free consultation to see if working with me is a good fit for you.

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