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Less suffering, more meaning and joy

If you have been struggling and feeling overwhelmed, therapy can help. You don't have to struggle on your own. 


Your mental and emotional health affects every part of your life. When you make gains in therapy, you improve many other parts of your life - better health, more enjoyment, increased productivity, more secure, fulfilling relationships, greater sense of meaning. 


My therapy approach is evidence-based and focused on the whole person, including your health, work-life and relationships. I provide a warm, supportive, engaging space with your needs and goals at the center. In therapy you will learn to reduce your suffering, relieve your pain, and create a strong foundation for personal and inter-personal growth. 

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Therapy in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Perinatal therapy can help you prepare for postpartum and address any mood and anxiety concerns so  you enjoy parenthood 

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Therapy for Aging-related Issues 

There are unique challenges that come with increasing age. Let's work together to relieve pain, manage, manage stressors, & enjoy this vital part of the lifespan

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Therapy for Sexual Pain and Pelvic Pain

Has pelvic pain taken control of your life? As many as 1 in 5 women live with pelvic pain and few get the help and support they need  

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Couples and Relationship Therapy

Relationships take center stage in most of our lives.  We love and we struggle with one another - I'm here to help you love deeply and struggle meaningfully.

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Therapy for Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety often feel overwhelming, and there is plenty we can do to build resilience and thrive no matter what life brings

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Adult ADHD Diagnostic Assessment

If you're wondering whether the difficulties you're experiencing in adult life might be explained by ADHD, you may benefit from a comprehensive assessment.

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Headshot of Dr. Anna Yam, Ph.D.
I'm so glad you're here

My name is Dr. Anna Yam. I'm a clinical psychologist, educator, chronic pain survivor, mom who experienced postpartum anxiety, book worm and information monger.  

I specialize in perinatal mental health and behavioral pain medicine, with a sub-focus on female pelvic pain conditions. 

My aim is provide you with the support and tools you need to flourish and bloom in the roles that are most important to you.    

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